Dental Implants in Wilmington, NC

dental-implantsRestore Your Full Smile With the Most Advanced Technology & In One Easy Visit

Every year, millions of Americans are in need of a tooth replacement option. While there are many ways to simply “replace” a missing tooth to improve your smile, dental implants are the standard of care as a long-lasting, functional tooth replacement option. Implants preserve jawbone loss over time, and they appear and function similar to any natural tooth. There are many uses for dental implants in Wilmington, NC. At Atlantic Dental Group, we’re here to help you decide which option is best for you, your smile, your long-term health, ability to chew effectively and your overall quality of life!

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants have been used since the 1980s. Essentially, they are like screws and are made of biocompatible titanium that replaces the roots of the tooth or teeth you have lost. On top of these screws (implants), we are able to restore caps (crowns) to appear just like your natural teeth. Implants typically take 3-6 months to integrate completely depending on your jawbone quality or health.

After the healing period, we place a titanium gum former (aka Healing Abutment) if we need to help shape your gum tissue for a few weeks. Then we take impressions just like a normal tooth and allow the lab to help us make a crown that looks just like your natural teeth!

All-on-4 Related Full Arch Dental Implants: Fast, Effective, Permanent

While some implant treatments take months, Atlantic Dental Group is pleased to provide your full smile makeover in one day with All-on-4 Teeth In A Day dental implants. All-on-4 Teeth dental implants provide a complete set of artificial teeth without the difficulty of individually implanting every single tooth. Instead, your teeth will be strategically placed in your mouth with only 4 implants!

Atlantic Dental Group is proud to have served the Wilmington area with quality dentistry since 1987, and it is our mission to continue doing so. By planning each case and every implant utilizing 3-Dimensional digital implant planning technology, we can ensure that our implants are placed with extreme accuracy. Additionally, we proudly use the best materials and labs available when it comes to replacing your missing teeth.

Benefits of All-on-4 Teeth In A Day Dental Implants

You’ll love the many benefits that come from this revolutionary reconstructive dental technology. With All-on-4 implants at Atlantic Dental Group, you’ll enjoy:

Permanent & Realistic Teeth

Enjoy new teeth that look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. As an alternative to dentures, dental bridges, or dental crowns, All-on-4 gives you new teeth that are permanent.

Easy Hygiene

You won’t need to remove your teeth to clean or soak them. You will simply brush and floss them as you would your original teeth.

Freedom to Eat

When it comes to food, these teeth function as well as real teeth. Do you want steak? A caramel apple? Corn on the cob? The sky is the limit!

Fast Recovery

The best part of All-on-4 implants is that they can all be done in a matter of one dental visit! You don’t have to worry about staggering visits and avoiding the public while you build sections of your smile.

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If you are looking for a replacement for missing or severely damaged teeth, consider All-on-4 dental implants. Our experienced dentist can outfit you with a dental implant solution that will complete your smile and give you back the use of your mouth in just one day. To schedule your Dental Implant Consultation, call 910-762-0958 or click here to use our online scheduling form. Your appointment includes patient education, discussion of your goals, 3D digital x-rays and scan, and a customized treatment plan.

We look forward to answering all your questions and joining you on the path to your best smile.

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