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What is Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a light form of conscious sedation which means you’re never “put under” as is the case with General Anesthesia, such as in hospitals for larger operations. Whether undergoing Oral sedation by taking one or two pills before your procedure, or IV sedation, you are able to complete your dental procedures in a very relaxed and comfortable state. Both the team and the patient are still able to interact with one another to ensure the procedure is carried out as safely and efficiently as possible. However, typically most patients have very little memory of the procedure, which is a huge benefit for those with higher levels of anxiety related to dentistry. This is especially helpful with local anesthetic injections as well as other unpleasant sights, sounds, and smells.

Depending on the procedure and your medical history, either the doctor or a separate dental anesthesiologist is present to carry out and monitor your sedation procedure. Regardless, you can trust that you will be taken care of by a very well-trained team containing BLS and ACLS certifications, and who have your best interest and safety in mind at all times. We are happy to answer any and all questions, so don’t hesitate to ask.

What types of Sedation are offered?

Oral Sedation

is an option for patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety, but who do not wish to have an IV started. Oral sedation may appear as simple as taking one or two pills, but is monitored and treated as thoroughly as IV sedation. One significant drawback to oral sedation is that, unlike IV sedation, you cannot fine tune the level of sedation, and thus patient experiences can vary depending on metabolism, age, and medical history. For both Oral and IV sedation, although conscious, it is not uncommon for patients to comfortably drift in and out of sleep during the procedure.

IV Sedation

is a very predictable sedation option that can be used for mild, moderate, or severe dental anxiety. It is beneficial for patients that wish to get multiple treatments done to minimize the number of  dental appointments. IV medications can be given and fine tuned specific to each patient, which greatly improves the effectiveness of the sedation experience.

What is required for sedation?

While Sedation dentistry is safe, many precautions are taken to ensure this. More specifically, the following is required:

• A complete, HONEST AND ACCURATE assessment of current and past medical history. Do not hide information from your dental team, as this could lead to greater risk for complications

• A separate, Pre-op “Health and Physical” appointment. Here, the team and doctor review your medical history in depth, address specific concerns, and check to make sure you are a good candidate.

• You MUST HAVE A DRIVER to escort you to and from the procedure, and should be present for the procedure in the reception area.

• No eating 6 hours before the sedation procedure, and only clear liquids until 2 hours before the procedure. No food or drink should be consumed within 2 hours of the procedure.

• Take all medications as normal unless otherwise instructed by your doctor

• See Pre Op Sedation Instructions for additional information

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